KPMG partners with AWS to advance obscure changeover for enterprises

October 31, 2018 Provider news


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Consulting giant KPMG have entered into a strategic alliance with cloud behemoth AWS to help enterprises accelerate their cloud transformation process. As per the terms of the alliance, AWS and KPMG will target enterprises belonging to highly regulated industries such as finance, healthcare and life sciences and provide them with cloud advisory, risk management, migration and compliance services.

According to KPMG, a large number of businesses face obstacles when it comes to cloud transformation because of the restrictions imposed upon them by their sectors and industries. These restrictions, KPMG say, range from compliance to regulations and take time to come into effect.

By partnering with AWS, KPMG believe that they will enable businesses to speed up the time taken to become a cloud-native enterprise by providing solutions with respect to strategy, migration, risk management, regulation and compliance.

They also say that AWS’ solutions which include cloud operations, suitability assessment, migration evaluation, system architecture and security processing will reduce the complexities enterprises face while migrating to the cloud.

In addition to this, KPMG claim that they will be providing grid computing solutions to organizations belonging to financial and healthcare sectors to conduct complex analysis of large data sets without the need for on-premise infrastructure. They say that this scalable model, which will run on AWS’ architecture, will be deployed with KPMG’s Risk Controls and Compliance framework to consolidate enterprise capabilities with respect to risk assessment, architectural design and pre to post-production tasks.

AWS say that in addition to grid computing, KPMG will also integrate client due diligence, a know your customer solution, into their architecture to help reduce business risks, manage compliance and provide greater transparency in policies. They further added that this integration will allow them to trace audit trails that can verify compliance with due diligence standards.

Looks like KPMG are going from strength-to-strength in order to enable cloud transformation for enterprises with this deal, following their alliance with Google back in May this year.

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