Taysols partners with Snowflake Computing for information reposition

October 31, 2018 Provider news


data warehousing

Australian hosting company Taysols have partnered with Snowflake Computing to remove the complexity and burden of data warehousing for the cloud. With this alliance, Taysols’ customers can arrive at better decision making by combining analytics, business intelligence and data integration prowess in order to reach business goals faster.

According to Taysols, data warehousing is a key component when it comes to business intelligence and analytics. They say that this component plays a major role when enterprises want to realise business improvements and increase their competitiveness in the market.

By partnering with Snowflake Computing, Taysols claim that they will be able to add the former’s data warehousing prowess to their existing analytics and business intelligence capabilities to reduce complexities that exist in cloud environments. They say that this alliance will allow Taysols to facilitate insights for financial consolidation, reporting, budgeting as well as forecasting.

Speaking about this alliance, Fergal Cott, National Analytics Lead at Taysols, commented:

More organisations are demanding data-driven insights and want to leverage machine learning capabilities for better business performance. However, one of the biggest obstacles to achieving this quickly and cost-effectively is the complexity and expense of data warehousing.

Explaining the combined benefits of analytics and data warehousing, Taysols say that businesses will be able to:

  1. Create data-driven customer journeys to deliver relevant and consistent brand experiences for customer loyalty,
  2. Scale their analytics prowess without worrying about maintenance, and
  3. Build on better decision making by leveraging accurate insights.

Cott further added:

Snowflake is miles ahead of the competition in terms of flexing to meet customer demand, reducing the friction of data warehousing, and rapidly delivering strong business value.

This is a very exciting partnership that will help Taysols’ customers achieve real value from data analytics projects fast.

It looks like major cloud and hosting providers are taking data analytics and business intelligence to a whole new level, following the alliance of Oracle and NVIDIA to accelerate analytics on the public cloud. It will be interesting to see the turn of events from here on.

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